Dark And Darker:Mastering the longsword i (88 อ่าน)

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Welcome back, fellow gamers! In today's combat guide, we will delve into the intricacies of the longsword, specifically for solo fighters navigating the treacherous Goblin caves. As we progress further into the game and encounter more skilled opponents, it becomes crucial to master the various tools at our disposal and manipulate our positioning and spacing to gain the upper hand. While the longsword may be known for its one-shot repost, there is much more to this versatile weapon. So, let's dive in and explore the strategies and techniques that will help you emerge victorious in the darkest of battles.

Know the Matchup: Baiting and Anticipation

In any fight, understanding your opponent's tendencies and anticipating their moves is paramount. By baiting them into actions that favor you, you can turn the tide of battle. For instance, against a Falion player who aims low, exploiting their focus on your toes can be as simple as using crouch jumping to evade their attacks. Manipulating your spacing and making use of your environment are key elements to consider when engaging in combat.

Relocate and Optimize Spacing

The longsword's wide range and horizontal swings make it essential to choose your battleground wisely. Avoid tight corridors that limit your maneuverability and instead seek open spaces where you can effectively trade damage and execute reposts. By sprinting and finding the right positioning, you can lure your opponents into disadvantageous situations, increasing your chances of victory.

Utilize Jump Attacks and Shielded Opponents

As opponents become proficient at blocking, it is crucial to adapt your strategy accordingly. Incorporating jump attacks into your repertoire can help you bypass shields and catch your adversaries off guard. Timing your jumps to go over shields and delivering horizontal strikes can turn the tables in your favor. Additionally, when you successfully land a repost, seize the advantage by employing left-click attacks to finish off your opponents and secure victory.

Perfect Block and Its Limitations

While perfect block may seem like an enticing technique, its current implementation makes the repost timing too tight, reducing its usability. It is essential for developers to adjust the mechanics before it becomes a valuable technique for longsword users. Until then, it is advisable to focus on other strategies that yield more consistent results.

Gap Closing and Weapon Selection

To gain an advantage over ranged opponents, utilizing sprint to close the distance before engaging them is a valuable tactic. However, it is crucial to select the appropriate weapon for each situation. Chasing enemies with the wrong weapon can lead to unfavorable outcomes. For instance, using throwing axes to chase down enemies or crossbows for trading damage across rooms can significantly impact the outcome of a battle.

Character Movement and Manipulation

Understanding and utilizing character movement to manipulate encounters is a skill that can make a significant difference. By exploiting the vulnerabilities of certain characters, such as crossbow users with their slower reload times, you can outmaneuver them and close the gap to secure victory. This technique, while not new to experienced players, is worth emphasizing due to its effectiveness.

Seize Opportunities and Adapt

When you gain an advantage in combat, it is essential to press your advantage and not relent. Applying pressure and dealing damage consistently will force your opponents into unfavorable positions, increasing your chances of success. Additionally, adapting your strategy on the fly, such as transitioning to left-click attacks when reposts are denied, can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Mastering the longsword in the dark and darker realms requires a combination of skill, strategy, and adaptability. By understanding the matchup, optimizing spacing, utilizing jump attacks, and employing the right weapon for each situation, you can gain an edge over your adversaries. While perfect block may currently have limitations, focusing on other techniques like character movement manipulation and utilizing throwing axes can prove invaluable. Remember, the path to victory lies not only in parrying but in utilizing every tool at your disposal. So, gear up, hone your skills, and conquer the Goblin caves with the might of the longsword. Good luck, fellow warriors!

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