High Quality Concrete Floors Seminar in Vietnam


High Quality Concrete Floors Seminar in Vietnam

One of the recent developments regarding high quality and super flat concrete floors across the globe was exchanged in a conference organized by Houselink Corporations. Cemkrete had the honor of being one of the few companies to speak among a panel of internationally experienced construction professionals, gathering to exchange ideas and knowledge.

With Vietnam’s rapid economic development and infrastructure, it is predicted that the nation’s construction industry will propelled itself to be one of the fastest growing industries in the country. The seminar was a platform to bring awareness and to further educate local contractors, builders, consultants as well as designers alike as to raise the country’s industry standard and to conform and excel beyond international standards.

During the seminar, Cemkrete presented a problem solving solution of engineered polymer flooring, specifically Cemguard HB 500, designed to tackle moisture prone areas such as underground carparks to avoid blistering caused by hydro-static pressure from the ground. Using advanced technology, Cemguard HB 500 uses hybrid organic/inorganic properties that functions as both a surface harderner and a coating agent.

Reflecting on the increasing demand in terms of quality, investors are looking towards more sustainable solutions for floor applications to increase production’s efficiency and productivity.
The event attracted over 350 visitors in the construction industry.



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