Cempox 112


High performance epoxy for anchoring with high bonding and high tensile strength.Epoxy skewer and 2-component plaster 

Categories : Anchoring

Cempox 112 is a high-performance solvent free, thixotropic 2 component adhesive and anchorage purposed mortar on Epoxy resin base.

Cempox 112 is an adhesive for bonding in building, roads, bridges, pavements, loading bays and factories. Cempox 112 may also be used as part of a repair system where a substrate/repair barrier is required or where the substrate is likely to remain permanently damp or wet.
  • Epoxy glue, iron insert and repair putty
  • Epoxy skewer and 2-component plaster 

Packaging Size : Components (A + B) : 2kg, Per set.

  • Excellent adhesion strength
  • Used for bonding various materials such as steel, concrete, rock, and used to penetrate steel
  • Strengthen the structure
  • Repair damaged tiles.
  • Repair concrete cracks
  • Has high durability
  • Good impact and abrasion resistance

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