Hydratherm IMS


Fire proof coating

Categories : Fire proof coating

  • Used for coating steel structures.
  • HYDRATHERM IMS should not be installed when the temperature at the steel surface or the outside temperature is below 10 ° C or the relative humidity is above 85%.
  • Use a low cycle drill to spin HYDRATHERM IMS until homogeneous before use.
  • Apply HYDRATHERM IMS with brush, roller or spray by spray.
  • If you want to apply the second coat, you have to wait for the first coat of HYDRATHERM IMS to dry before waiting for 2-6 hours.
  • Fire-proof paint that helps delay damage to building structures.
  • When there is a fire Will prevent and delay the time the structure of the building has been heated
  • Help prevent the spread of the flame from spreading quickly.
  • Help the building structure not deform And lose the strength properties
  • Maintain the condition to support the structural weight for longer.
  • Do not cause the building structure to collapse before in a short time.

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