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Cemgrout SG


High performance general purpose cementitious non-shrink grout

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Cemgrout SG multi-purpose cementitious construction grout is supplied as a ready to use dry powder.  The addition of a controlled amount of clean water produces a flowing grout.  Additives impart controlled expansion characteristics and reduce the water necessary to give a fluid grout.  The grout can be used up to 100mm thick. Cemgrout SG suitable for bedding of concrete precast units to provide positive connection between elements.

Cemgrout SG is used for a variety of purpose within the construction industry.  It is particularly suitable for bedding in precast units such as walls, slabs and refuses chutes.  It can be used in both pourable and plastic consistence states.


  • Non-shrink
  • No metallic iron content to cause staining
  • Chloride free
  • Pre-packaged grout overcomes potential on-site proportioning variations


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