Cemplast ADS


Mid-Rang Water reducing concrete admixture

Categories : Plasticizer


  • Concrete admixture, reduce the medium amount of water
  • Concrete works more efficiently.
  • Improve the consistency of concrete
  • Can be used at a higher level for the same water content.
  • Reducing water and increasing strength
  • Reduce the permeability of concrete
  • Allows specified strength grades to be met at reducedcement content or increased workability.
  • Water reduction up to 15% that is significantly improves compressive strengths at all ages and enhances durability through the production of low permeability concrete.
  • Minimizes the risk of segregation and bleeding and assists in the production of a dense, close textured surface, improving durability.
  • Chloride free, safe for use in pre-stressed and reinforced concrete.

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