Cemplast Super PC-95


Polycarboxylate Base Superplasticizer

Categories : Superplasticizer


  • Mass-pours of concrete
  • Slabs and foundations
  • Dams, Road, High-way, bridge, column constructions
  • Pre-stressed concrete surfaces
  • Pre-cast factories for the construction of concrete elements where fast re-cycling of forms is of importance
  • Repairs to roads, highways and bridges to minimize closure to traffic and ensure early reopening

Packing : 225 kg., 1100 kg./drum

  • Improves compressive, flexural and bonding strength 
  • Excellent workability 
  • Improves durability of concrete 
  • Improves flow-characteristics of concrete and thus also pumpability
  • Improves wear and abrasion resistance of finished surface
  • Increases density of concrete and thereby increases water-proofing characteristics of concrete
  • Extremely water reduction performance, up to 40

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