Cemplast Super FM


Superplastizer High efficiency (Melamine Based)

Categories : Superplasticizer


  • Superplastizer High efficiency
  • For the production of high-strength concrete in cold climates
  • Free from chloride, sulfate, based on melamine, formaldehyde condensation.
  • For use in manufacturing where a smooth and very fine surface is required.
  • It helps to reduce the water a lot, there are less air channels resulting in a smoother surface
  • Add early strengths and peaks.
  • Increase the ability to work without losing strength.
  • It is used to give concrete a very high workability.
  • Making it possible to pour large or difficult
  • Little or no vibration
  • It works by absorbing the cement grit onto the surface causing it to precipitate.
  • More uniform particle distribution
  • To significantly reduce the water demand of a concrete mix without reducing workability, allowing greatly increased early and ultimate strengths without additional cement.
  • To significantly improve the workability of concrete without increasing water demand.
  • Particularly suitable for increasing workability of ready-mixed concrete at elevated temperatures.
  • To reduce concrete permeability and thereby reduce water penetration and enhance durability.
  • Use in production of flowing concrete permits easier construction with quicker placing and compaction and reduced labour costs.
  • Workability loss in high workability concrete is slower than normally found with superplasticisers.
  • Major increases in strength at all ages without increased cement contents are of particular benefit in precast construction.
  • Reduction in water: cement ratio enhances durability, producing low permeability concrete with reduced shrinkage cracking potential.
  • Chloride free, safe for use in prestressed and reinforced concrete.

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