Cemtard 11


High performance retarding water reducing admixture

Categories : Retarder


  • It is a concrete admixture for reducing water and retarding the formation. Contains lignosulfonate raw materials Does not contain chloride Has a brown liquid
  • Suitable for general ready-mixed concrete work that requires high quality. And difficult working areas such as in extremely hot conditions
  • Suitable for work with a lot of space And the concrete mixing area away from the concrete pouring area
  • To delay the formation of concrete to slow hard More time to work Without adding water

Packing: 205 liters / drum

  • Reduce the amount of water used to mix concrete. Increase the compressive strength and durability of concrete
  • Delay the formation of concrete to slow hard Work on time Do not add water.
  • Add small bubbles Allows easy mixing Concrete poured well.
  • Reduce water permeability Does not collapse And does not flow greasy
  • Does not contain chloride Therefore does not affect the corrosion of reinforcement

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