Cemtard PR-402


PCE base superplasticizer and retarder for concrete admixture

Categories : Retarder


  • PCE type water-reducing and formation-retardant concrete admixture
  • It is the latest technology of concrete mixes.
  • It is an excellent water soluble concrete additive.
  • For the production of high-strength concrete with a retarding effect, Cemtard PR- 402 uses a polymer mixture.
  • Meets the requirements of ASTM C494 (Type D and Type G).
  • Ready Mixed Concrete Plants
  • Mass-pours of concrete
  • Slabs and foundations
  • Dams, Road, High-way, bridge, column constructions
  • Pre-stressed concrete surfaces
  • Pre-cast factories for the construction of concrete elements where fast re-cycling of forms is of importance
  • Repairs to roads, highways and bridges to minimize closure to traffic and ensure early reopening
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