Cemcure E


High performance general purpose liquid curing compound

Categories : Curing compound


  • Concrete curing agent can be used for both fresh concrete and frozen
  • Reduces the chance of shrinkage of the concrete surface. Cracking
  • Suitable for working in hot, sunny or windy conditions.
  • Suitable for large structures Work with a lot of surfaces such as pavement, beams, columns, concrete walls
  • Prevent the concrete surface from generating dust.
  • Helps concrete to be resistant to chemicals, acids - bases, sulfates and chlorides.
  • Make the concrete hydration completely
  • Reduces evaporation of water in concrete, reduces cracking.
  • Self-decomposition
  • Can penetrate the surface of concrete and plaster as homogeneous to concrete.
  • Harden the concrete surface, reduce the porosity caused by water in the concrete that evaporates.
  • Reduce the moisture loss in concrete

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