Cemcure AR


Acrylic Base Liquid Curing Compound

Categories : Curing compound


  • Acrylic type concrete curing agent
  • Liquid membrane curing compound based on paraffin emulsion
  • High efficiency
  • It has a milky white color and makes a transparent film.
  • Contains chemicals that are stable using plasticizers.
  • Free of toxic substances that have been processed properly
  • Reduces surface shrinkage and cracking by eliminating moisture loss from exposed surface.
  • Enables cement to hydrate more efficiently.
  • Save time, can be applied as soon as possible after finishing concrete. 
  • Eliminates need for damp hessian, sand or polyethylene.  
  • Fast forming film dries within 30-60 minutes depending  on ambient temperature and site conditions.
  • Forms a non-staining continuous clear film on clean stain free concrete or render surfaces is easily applied and free from discoloration.
  • Non-flammable and non-toxic under normal usage and is supplied ready for immediate use.
  • Can be overcoat with specific after-trade, e.g. rendering , painting, etc.

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