Cempox E 195


Epoxy Resin For Under-Water Application.

Categories : Epoxy Based


  • Epoxy Resin For Under-Water Application.
  • Hydrapox 195 is a solvent-free, 3-component epoxy system consisting of 2-component epoxy resin and a special blend of fillers.
  • Used as an epoxy putty for application to steel and concrete structures to protect in the splash, tidal-zone and under-water areas of marine structures.

Packaging : 15 kg per set


  • Very good adhesion to wet structures-forms a very strong and lasting bond to damp, wet and  under-water surfaces.
  • May be used as tile-protection coating forming joint-free surfaces that resists corrosion and impact.
  •   For use as protective coating to concrete piles and columns in salt and brackish waters to protect against corrosion.

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