Cempox E 119


High performance, epoxy resin grout & paste, suitable for use at high chemical resistant & vibration machine base application.

Categories : Epoxy Based


  • Epoxy Non Shrink Gra is a solvent-free epoxy resin product designed for grouting or as a steel sheet adhesive for gaps ranging in width from 10 mm to 120 m. Especially
  • The flow, adhesive adhesion and mechanical properties are consistent.
  • Support heavy duty under cranes, rail transport, high speed turbines, centrifuges, drop machines, reciprocating machines and other operating or test equipment. The heat resistance of the solidified grout must be in the highest order.
Packing : 3 parts (A=Base + B=Hardener + C=Filler)
10 kg/set and 20 kg/set
  • Suitable for use in high temperature operating environments with continuous service temperatures up to 150ºC.
  • High flexural strength and adhesion to substrate ensure excellent performance under dynamic load situations.
  • High early strength performance allow minimum down time and early commissioning of plant.
  • Simple mixing properties ensure a convenient application and total bearing support.
  • Withstands attack by a wide range of chemicals, acids and alkalis.
  • Epoxy resin adheres to contact surfaces with no loss of bond.
  • High compressive and tensile strengths ensure durability and long term service.
  • Designed for low creep characteristics under sustained loading and elevated temperatures.
  • Pre-measured, factory controlled materials allow reproducible flow and mechanical properties.

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