Hyjackrete P


Non Shrinked Type Subsealing.

Categories : Cement bass


Hydrajackrete-P is Non shrink grout cement mortar used to fill void under the concrete slaps or lift concrete slaps and structures back to near original level conditions. Concrete slabs and structures develop voids below them. These voids allow the slabs to subside. Eventually the slaps will break up and destroy themselves.

Packing: 50 kg / bag

  • Re-aligning Concrete Pavements stops potential tripping hazards
  • Lifting Pavements and Structures reduces stresses on concrete and brick walls saving them from needing further repairs
  • Minimal disruption to your work as the process will take less than one tenth of the time of slab removal and replacement
  • No dangerous chemical used
  • Lifting results are visible and measurable. Results can be recorded with production of a set of before and after levels that are very suitable for monitoring future movements
  • Lifts of 300 mm or higher are achievable
  • Local controlled lifting means we can lift your structure right where needed ensuring heavily laden walls can often be lifted as well

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