Cemplast B


Integral waterproofing admixture for concrete


  • Waterproof concrete admixture
  • It is an admixture for dehydrated concrete.
  • Increase the efficiency of waterproofing
  • Optimize density
  • Increase the flow efficiency of concrete, cement-sand mortar, leveling mortar and plaster
  • Helps reduce pores and cracking when dry.

Packaging : 25 liters and 210 liters drums

  • Improves workability of all concrete, mortar and rendering mixes
  • Provides for an easier compaction of concrete, thereby improving density of concrete which in turn reduces water permeability and improves waterproofing characteristics
  • Increases compressive and flexural strength of concrete and mortars
  • Chloride-free and thus not aggressive towards reinforcement steel Improves flow-characteristics of concrete thereby providing faster pumping with less wear and tear on mechanical parts in concrete pump and thus reducing the cost of placement of concrete

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