Cemplast HPB


Hydrophobic pore-blocker waterproofing concrete admixture


Hydraplast HPB is used for all types of constructions which require premium integral waterproofing protection for concrete such as:
  • Foundation structures
  • Basement sub-structures
  • Marine structures
  • Bridges, dams, reservoirs and highway infrastructures
  • Canals, tunnels and culverts
  • Sewerage and waste water treatment plants
  • Swimming pools and water-tanks
  • Exposed roof decks and podiums
  • Precast concrete systems
  • For the placing of self leveling mortars where high tolerances are required
PACKAGING : 25 liter pails and 210 liter
  • Increased density for all concrete structures
  • Provide superior waterproofing protection to concrete
  • Provides corrosion protection to reinforcing steel
  • Cracks can self-heal through normal crystallization
  • Improves workability of all concrete, mortar and rendering mixes
  • Provides for an easier compaction of concrete, thereby improving density of concrete which in turn reduces water permeability and improves waterproofing characteristics
  • Increases compressive and flexural strength of concrete and mortars
  • Chloride-free and thus not aggressive towards reinforcement steel Improves flow-characteristics of concrete thereby providing faster pumping with less wear and tear on mechanical parts in concrete pumps and thus reducing the cost of placement of concrete
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