Cemkrete Foam 30


High Air entraining and Foaming agent for mortar and concrete.

Categories : Air entraining Agent


  • Produce foam in large quantities
  • Used for producing lightweight concrete
  • The bubbles that can be produced are fine and small.
  • strong
  • Has high stability
  • Looks like a closed cell To maintain the properties of being lightweight as well
  • Better foaming performance, such as massive output and dedicate foam.
  • Reduced bleeding, consequently reduced segregation
  • Fine and stabilized and homogenous air bubbles foam.
  • Ultra hydrophobic nature therefore reduces water absorption.
  • Easy placement by means of chutes, pumps, or buckets
  • Non-toxic, tasteless, corrosion free and environmental-friendly product
  • Cost effective 
  • Highly Water Soluble and Miscible.
  • Can be easily handled without fear of Toxicity.
  • Contains Peptides of different molecular weights.

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