FiberKrete 120


Polyplene fiber concrete is reinforcement fiber for concrete is 100% virgin specialty PP

Categories : Fiber


  • Improves concrete freeze/thaw resistance
  • Fiber with an alkaline resistant coating.
  • Improves concrete durability
  • Provides enhanced hydration which improves concrete    strength properties
  • Improves concrete impact resistance
  • Improves concrete shatter resistance
  • Improves bond strength between rebar and cement paste
  • Improves concrete’s resistance to plastic and shrinkage  cracking.
  • Reduces the formation of intrinsic cracking in concrete
  • Improved durability and reduced permeability and absorption.
  • Inhibits formation of micro-cracks due to dimensional change.
  • Reduces sedimentation.
  • Reduced frequency of plastic cracking.
  • Decreases risk of plastic settlement cracking over re-bar.


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