S-Crete MF


A self-smoothening anti-static polyurethane topping


  • Polyurethane floor, smooth surface, thickness 3-5 mm.
  • The surface is smooth, seamless, non-slip even when wet.
  • Quick curing, ready to use, reducing the time of work.
  • Abrasion resistant And can accept shocks well
  • High resistance to chemicals and temperature changes
  • Easy to clean The floor does not collect dust and inhibits bacteria and mold.

Package: 20 kg /set.

  • It is a type of polyurethane screed material.
  • For thickness adjustment, smooth surface, thickness 3-5 mm.
  • Contains mineral and polyurethane resin mixtures
  • High resistance to abrasion and chemicals
  • Easy to clean, does not collect dust.
  • Inhibits the occurrence of bacteria and fungi

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