Cemkrete CF- ROD


Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers

Categories : carbon fiber sheet


  • It is a pultruded composite rod made of epoxy coated filament with a unidirectional structure.
  • They are designed to reinforce concrete, wood, masonry structures and are often used with Near Surface.
  • The Mounted Technique (NSM) bar will be inserted. The groove is cut into the surface and fixed with epoxy resin.
  • Can be used as an original reinforcement.
  • Recessed installation
  • Strength increase
  • Deformation & sag decrease
  • Steel reinforcement stress reduction
  • Crack and moisture control
  • Use of combined reinforcement with different types of composite reinforcement: high elasticity modulus of Cemkrete CF-ROD, can be used as prestressed
    reinforcement bars
  • Development of systems of standard concrete products reinforced with composite rebars new approaches to crack resistance.
  • Reduction of costs for protective layers of concrete
  • Total corrosion resistance - non-reactive to all corrosive environments
  • Good resistance against chemicals and moisture
  • High strength - less reinforcement bars, smaller
  • Long lifetime - expected life of 75 years
  • Low weight -reduction of transportation costs and
    weight of structures
  • Good high and low temperature properties
  • High Tensile modules and strength
  • Very easy and quick installation
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