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Reema Sultan

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5 tips to get more followers on Instagram

A few years ago, it was very easy to get followers on Instagram. For a brand, making a publication with striking text positioned it chronologically in the application and thousands of users could see it buy likes and comments on instagram.

Over the years, with the arrival of the Instagram algorithm, the visibility of the accounts was diminished since the engagement that your account had prevailed over the number of followers.

Nowadays, growing organically can take time. We want to reveal 6 very useful tips that can help you get more followers on Instagram (And real ones). Are you ready?

1. Turn your profile into an attractive brand.

Branding exists because users are increasingly demanding. Brands are there to provide not only content to their audience, but a strengthened brand that thinks about all the details.

That is why it is very important that the presence of your business on Instagram has a homogeneous reading . Not only have a logo and good photos, but offer a fully armed profile that can offer many things to the potential follower. Actions such as having your featured stories designed, an attractive biography and a brand personality will help you create a closer relationship with your followers.

Your Instagram profile is like your physical store. It must be organized, clean and with a specific reading. Optimize your bio with the information your followers need. List what you do, what you do, the hashtags you have agreed upon and include any digital media as a link in the bio to drive traffic to your account.

The profile photo is very important too. It is practically like your business's advertisement, so it is important that it is legible and attractive.

One of the trends in 2019 for Instagram is about harmony. That is why it is very common to find applications that help us plan our feed or edit our photos.

A powerful Instagram account is one that shows your branding in all its formats. They include typography, tone, and personality in stories, bios, Instagram feeds, and featured stories. In this way, all the people who enter are more likely to &ldquo;follow&rdquo; because they will connect faster with a brand. A brand that communicates its identity effectively will gain followers and customers.

2. Instagram followers want to know the human side

This translates literally to the &ldquo; humanization of the brand&rdquo; . Nobody wants to interact with robots. People who are interested in your account are because they need to receive feedback and not perceive you as unattainable.

If you are a personal brand and manage an Instagram account, this may be easier. Personal brands tend to appear in most posts and stories. Their success is faster, because they manage to instantly connect with the public.

Humans trust humans. If you want to succeed with your personal brand, it will help you a lot (in addition to establishing a homogeneous brand identity) to show yourself as you are.

If your case is a company and not a personal brand, you can also humanize your brand. Show how your team behaves, who makes it up, what their triumphs are and what they enjoy. We are sure that this will help you connect with the audience.

If you involve your work team in the creation of your company's content, it will bring many benefits. Not only will you have more valuable content to publish, but the audience will be able to connect faster and, of course, the content can become more viral.

3. Take advantage of advertising to get more followers on Instagram

Advertising on Instagram is also growing with the platform. A couple of years ago, advertising there was very cheap since brands did not have a presence on the social network. However, with the incorporation of many businesses that rely on advertising to become visible, its cost is also increasing.

It doesn't matter if you have a small or large brand, never rule out being able to do paid advertising. Paid outreach is the one that will bring you the best benefits since new potential followers who don't know you can see your profile and follow you.

Carrying out paid advertising has its technique, especially when we talk about Instagram Ads campaigns.

The most important thing you should know is that segmentation is the most important step. Literally, getting more followers on Instagram depends on this. When you target the right audience, they will be interested in your products or services and therefore, they will &ldquo;follow&rdquo; you.

You have two ways to advertise. The first is by placing your advertising in the Instagram feed and the second can be through stories. Whichever of the two options you take, carry out adequate segmentation, design attractive advertisements according to the audience to which it is directed and adapt it to the final format (stories or feed).

Lastly, make sure the call to action is clear. When we carry out campaigns to attract followers, we usually place our Instagram profile as a call to action.

4. Collaborate or participate with other brands

Something very common is collaboration with other brands. This way they can cross followers and get visibility from people who don't follow you. Always have a collaboration proposal on hand and show it to small and large brands.

There are two types of content you can generate. One, it can be by publishing stories or photographs in the feed where you tag a brand or person and talk experientially. For example, let's assume that you have a clothing store. You can ask your customers to share a photo and tag them. That will make them share it by mentioning you and thus making you more visible.

Another option is to make a proposal and present it to small businesses or entrepreneurs, where you propose that they mention you in exchange for something. For example, let's say you are an illustrator and you want to get more visibility. Propose to any entrepreneur a gift of an illustration in exchange for them thanking you on social media. You will see what results you will get!

5. Consider getting more followers with Instagram Influencers

Influencers have become a trend in recent years. Many brands want to hire these characters in exchange for a positive opinion of their product or service.

Always remember that when you are going to choose an influencer, verify that they truly have "influence" in their community and not that their followers are bought. Don't be guided by the number of followers you have. You can have 20,000 followers and have a very high engagement rate, unlike someone who has 90,000 followers with a very low engagement rate (no comments or likes). Here you can find out the engagement rate of any account.

When you decide to invest in influencers, always consider asking them for a Social Media Kit. This document contains, in figures, the level of influence you have.

Now that you know these tips, are you ready to apply them? Growing on Instagram organically can be tedious and somewhat slow, but if you follow these tips, you can speed up the process a little. Forget about smoke sellers and buying followers. Not only because it is a practice penalized by Instagram, but you will not be building what Instagram truly exists for: building a community of followers who are there supporting you.




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