Cemtape BTA150 (Butyl Tape, Multipurpose Adhesive Tape prevent leakage)


Cemtape BTA150 (Butyl Tape, Multipurpose Adhesive Tape prevent leakage)

No matter how heavy the rain is, don't be afraid because the butyl tape stop every leak

Butyl Tape, Multipurpose Adhesive Tape prevent leakage

Today, I will take everyone to know some of the building materials. answering the question stop water leakage excellently Easy to use, problem solved, no matter how heavy it rains, you won't be afraid anymore. This material is CEMTAPE BTA150 butyl tape to stop leaks.

Cause of roof leaks
Most of them are caused by roof deterioration, cracking or holes, causing water leakage problems.
Various bonding materials have been used for a long time causing the material to deteriorate. Thus leading to the problem of water leakage as well. Non-standard roof installation

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The point where water leaks are common

The ridge covering the roof and hip ridge
In this part, the problem is often caused by a bad roof ridge, causing a gap. or the mortar that holds the cover has deteriorated and may cause cracks and cause water to leak

Joints in the area of ​​roof tiles that hit the wall
The connection between the roof and the wall is not close to the wall of the house. Thus causing the roof to leak from the joint to the wall.

Solving the problem of roof leaks with butyl tape CEMTAPE BTA150
Use CEMTAPE BTA150 tape to attach the seam between the roof and the wall of the house. and around the roof ridge and hip ridge to prevent water from leaking through the holes or that joint water leakage problem if no correction This can lead to many subsequent and most serious problems. For any home that is experiencing this problem We recommend using SETTA BTA 150 to paste on the leaking part. to stop water leakage immediately

Video of how to use CEMTAPE BTA150

What is CEMTAPE BTA150 ?

CEMTAPE BTA150 is a self-adhesive and waterproof sealing tape. It consists of an aluminum laminated butyl adhesive reinforced with HDPE grating. The adhesive face is protected by a peelable liner.

Features of CEMTAPE BTA150

Easy to install
Waterproof membrane
Maintain an attractive appearance
Non-toxic, non-flammable
Rust inhibitor and rust prevention, non-yellow
Excellent adhesion No primer needed
High UV resistance
High reflectivity and temperature reduction from sunlight
Very flexible
Resistant to corrosion and scratches
Excellent resistance to mold

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