Cemkrete Cemplug 220


Cemkrete Cemplug 220

Fill the leak with cement plug, quickly and quickly !!
Quick repair, quick drying, no need to wait for a long time, can be used immediately.
Don't worry about small leaks or big leaks. Putting the plug in.

Watre Plug mortar is used for urgent water leak sealing work, whether it is a basin, swimming pool, fish pond, cement pond, and various water tanks. ready to deal with problems that arise It is a material that answers a lot in the repair of leaks.

What is the cause of the leak of concrete storage tanks?

Concrete water tanks when used for a long time. There may be a leak. or have holes that cause water to flow non-stop If you do not hurry to fix it, let the water leak for a long time. The leak will be enlarged. And at the leaking water mark, there will be a very thick algae stain. If left for a long time, the water tank may collapse or collapse. should be repaired as quickly as possible The problem will not escalate.

Image courtesy of www.waterstorage.net.au.

Image credit: www.mrtank.co.nz

Solving the problem of leaking water tanks That can be done by yourself !!!!

Solve the problem of the water tank leaking effectively and excellent sealing of water leaks by using water plug mortar in permanent leaks

How to use mortar plugs for water leaks

1. Just mix the plug mortar with water to be homogeneous.

2. The water leak is quite large. Plastering the plug, of course.

3. Mold the mixed plug stucco into round balls.

4. Use cement plugs to seal water leaks. Then use your hand to press it for about 40 seconds - 1 minute. If the water flows hard, press it and leave it for about 1-2 minutes.

5. It's done. It dries quickly. Stops water leaks quickly. You can do it yourself without having to use a technician.

6. Scrape the surface to be smooth and beautiful.

for repairs and troubleshooting with great efficiency

Cemkrete recommends “Cemplug 220 ”, the excellent quality plug cement. Stops all leaks. Strong, durable, has excellent adhesion. Quick drying. Easy to use. Fast formation. No shrinkage. Cemplug 220 cement takes about 40 seconds – 2 minutes. 220"

Video demonstration of how to use "Cemplug 220"

What is Cemplug220 !!

Cemplug 220 is a ready-to-use ready-mixed cement from Cemkrete (Inter) Co., Ltd. It is used by adding clean water and homogenous mixing. which is easy to use
The Cemplug 220 will set quickly. can settle in water Bonded surface sealant to permanently block water flow. High adhesion, non-shrinking, designed for urgent repair of concrete leaks.


  • Non shrink
  • Can stop water quickly
  • Easy to use, just mix with water.
  • Excellent adhesion to the surface
  • Low exothermic reduces thermal cracking.
  • Contains no chloride.

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