How do you decorate a new house? do not let the budget escalate


How do you decorate a new house? do not let the budget escalate

You should know how to decorate a new house? do not let the budget escalate
Work completed quickly, how to reduce problems and budget escalation?

When we talk about home decoration Of course, many people always want a beautiful home decoration style. but rather than decorating the house as beautiful as intended The money in the pocket was spent many baht, and this problem is another problem that is extremely headache.

First, let's look at the problems that cause the home decoration budget to escalate first.

1.  Setting a budget that goes against the needs
2. The mind is fickle, changing and changing. change and change again
3. Do not choose materials by yourself. Let other people choose different materials instead. And when I bought the product, I didn't like it. have to change Or have to pay more money to buy more
4 The technician is not professional. withdrawing money for purchases If the mechanic does not calculate well, does not maintain things or keep them for use in other works. There will be a request to withdraw money to buy more and more.
5. Not planning, not finding the style you want If you find any type of material that is beautiful, buy it. Bought it and the material doesn't match the house. have to waste money to buy a new one

And what should I do!! Let's decorate the house beautifully.
The budget does not escalate
So we have a trick to decorate the house, not to let the budget escalate for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Set an affordable budget and willing to pay
First we have to look at the budget in the bag that What is the budget that can afford it? Set a budget that you can afford and are willing to pay. And add an additional budget of about 10-20% in case of lack of excess.

2. Find information and style of decoration that you like.
Start by looking for information Different styles of home decoration On the internet, recommend the Pinterest website. There are many ideas. Collecting and collecting the information you like will help make shopping choices easier. Because we will know what we like, what we don't like, and what fits our style.

3. Design and define the desired design clearly.
The design allows the homeowner to discuss and agree with the architect to understand the needs before actually building. so as not to have to face the problem of creating an unmatched design If it is not built according to the design, it must be discussed and rebuilt. which costs both money and time

4. Choose suitable materials and quality.
to get the best Should choose quality materials and equipment. Take into account long-term proper use.

5. Cut out unnecessary things.
While we go shopping All the decorative materials look beautiful. makes us hesitate to love brothers and sisters Buy everything you want Therefore, we must cut our minds not to buy unnecessary things. And cutting out unnecessary things will help reduce expenses as well.

6. Choose the right house paint color
Color selection is another top priority. home decoration Should use quality paint. It will help reduce the problem of peeling off paint or blisters so that you don't have to repair it later. which in this section will help save expenses from escalating


CEMKRETE recommends applying a skim coat before painting to help reduce the paint consumption.
Skimkrete PFN
Skimkrete 101
CEMKRETE Skimkrete PFN is a cementitious, high-quality, non-sand-containing cement-polymer, fine-grained, smooth plastering product. and has high surface adhesion strength Good protection against water absorption It can be used both inside and outside such as lightweight concrete, plaster, precast concrete.
and Skimkrete 101, a thin coat, cream type, is a special polymer for finishing coats. Repairing cracks, holes, ants, leveling uneven walls to be smooth and strong for both exterior and interior use

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